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LE LIZARD AUX PLUMES D OR 1971 HAND SIGNED Proof Lithograph by Joan Miro

Item Number: 500859

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This is a rare limited edition, original H/C edition lithograph in color on paper, that is hand signed in pencil by World Famous and Listed Artist Joan Miro. Titled "Le Lizard Aux D'Or". Reference: M797 This lithograph is signed in pencil by Marc Miro. This piece was published in 1971 as part of a limited edition of H/C proofs aside from the numbered edition. The sheet size is 15.5" x 21"w. Joan Miro (1893 - 1983) was a Spanish born painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He achieved artistic notoriety for his work because it was seen as a glimpse into the fertile sub-conscience mind and was often labeled surrealism, a classification that Miro objected. He objected any type of classification of his art preferring to allow it to take any shape or form it chose. He was from a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers which may play a part in his flat use of line and color. Miro was a part of the Generation of '27, a group of artists and poets most of which were murdered by Franco at during the Spanish Civil war. Miro was one of a few to escape and he came to America. He pioneered what is known as automatic drawing, or drawing from the subconscious mind and although often labeled as a Surrealist he rejected that classification because he pursued his own interests in the art world, ranging from automatic drawing and surrealism, to expressionism and Color Field painting. He famously declared an "assassination of painting" rejecting academic painting techniques as being bourgeois.