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Auctioneers: Shawn & Mike
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Auction for September 1, 2017

Lot: 3331

Afghan Herati Rug 6.2x3.7

Lot: 3332

Indo Gabeh Rug 5.5x3.7

Lot: 3333

Pak Uzbek Bokara Runner 5.9x2.1

Lot: 3334

Indo Kazak Rug 9.8x6.5

Lot: 3335

Persian Tabriz Carpet 9.5x6.7

Lot: 3336

Silk Indo Persian Rug 5.0x3.0

Lot: 3337

Antique Persian Hamadan Rug 6.3x3.1

Lot: 3338

Indo Jaipur Runner 12.1x2.6

Lot: 3339

Indo Art-Silk Kashan Rug 9.0x6.0

Lot: 3340

Persian Bakhtiar Rug 10.6x7.3

Lot: 3341

Pak Persian Serapi Style Rug 5.4x2.11

Lot: 3342

Pak Uzbek Bokara Rug 6.4x4.3

Lot: 3343

Indo Oushak Runner 12.1x2.6

Lot: 3344

Indo Kazak Rug 7.11x5.8

Lot: 3345

Persian Shiraz Rug 7.9x4.9

Lot: 3346

Persian Isfahan Carpet 11.4x8.2

Lot: 3347

Silk Oriental Aubusson Rug 8.1x5.0

Lot: 3348

Pak Uzbek Bokara Rug 6.4x4.3

Lot: 3349

Indo Serapi Runner 19.8x2.6

Lot: 3350

Silk & Wool Persian Nain Rug 7.6x4.11

Lot: 3351

Turkish kazak Rug 6.5x4.11

Lot: 3352

Persian Gabeh Rug 8.6x5.2

Lot: 3353

Semi-Antique Persian Hamadan Runner 12.4x3.8

Lot: 3354

Persian Shiraz Rug 12.0x6.0

Lot: 3355

Vintage Signed Silk & Wool Persian Tabriz Carpet 11.6x7.8

Lot: 3356

Persian Mahal Runner 12.2x3.10

Lot: 3357

Pak Persian Rug 10.2x8.0

Lot: 3358

Indo Serapi Rug 8.11x5.11

Lot: 3359

Signed Silk Oriental Isfahan Rug 10.0x8.0

Lot: 3360

Persian Serapi Rug 4.0x2.9

Lot: 3362

Indo Sultanabad Runner 12.4x2.7

Lot: 3363

Indo Oushak Rug 9.0x6.0

Lot: 3364

Persian Isfahan Carpet 13.9x9.8
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