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Auctioneers: Shawn
Join us Saturday night in The Gallery for a wide selection of desirable high quality Persian rugs.
Auction for August 5, 2017

Lot: 901

Antique Persian Hamadan Rug 6.3x3.1

Lot: 902

Afghan Herati Rug 6.2x3.7

Lot: 903

Persian Hosseinabad Runner 10.0x3.8

Lot: 904

MAN WITH PIPE Oil on Canvas

Lot: 905

Persian Sword Sabre 18th Century

Lot: 906

Pak Uzbek Bokara Rug 6.4x4.3

Lot: 907

Persian Shiraz Rug 7.9x4.9

Lot: 908

Silk Oriental Persian Runner 8.0x2.6

Lot: 909

PINK ALCOVE 1929 Etching with Hand Water Coloring by Louis Icart

Lot: 910

PSAUMES 4 1956 Etching on Arches Hand Signed by Marc Chagall

Lot: 911

TO THE MOON AND BACK Acrylic on Canvas by Listed Artist Valter Morais

Lot: 912

Leather Bound Camel

Lot: 913

Silk & Wool Pak Persian Kashan Rug 6.7x3.10

Lot: 914

Silk Oriental Aubusson Rug 4.5x2.0

Lot: 915

Persian Mahal Runner 12.2x3.10

Lot: 916

ORANGE DREAMS Original Acrylic on Canvas by Korobov

Lot: 917

AREDENT LOVE Giclee on Canvas by Gary Benfield

Lot: 918

WOMAN IN GOLD Oil on Canvas painting by Alexander Astahov

Lot: 919

Vintage Brass Hookah

Lot: 920

Round Silk & Wool Indo Persian Rug 5.6x5.6

Lot: 921

Persian Malayer Runner 11.2x4.2

Lot: 922

Pictorial Silk Oriental Persian Rug 6.0x4.0

Lot: 923


Lot: 924

RED POPPIES Original Acrylic on Canvas by Mark Braver

Lot: 925

LADY WITH DOG Mixed Media on Wood by Alexander and Wissotzky

Lot: 926

Silk & Wool Persian Nain Rug 7.6x4.11

Lot: 927

GEOMETRIC 2 1976 Poster By Peter Max

Lot: 928

Pak Uzbek Bokara Rug 6.4x4.3

Lot: 929

Indo Jaipur Rug 8.4x4.0

Lot: 930

Caucasian Kazak Rug 8.0x5.7

Lot: 931

Hand Signed Serigraph by Leroy Neiman

Lot: 932

EXPOSITION VALLAURIS 1952 Offset Lithograph after Pablo Picasso

Lot: 933

Silk Flower Indo Jaipur Runner 10.0x2.7

Lot: 934

IMAGINATION Original Watercolor with Painted Frame by Patricia Govezensky

Lot: 935

Indo Serapi Runner 12.0x2.3

Lot: 936

Persian Nahavand Runner Rug 9.6x3.9

Lot: 937

Antique Persian Kirman Rug 4.10x3.0

Lot: 938

Vintage German Porcelain Horse & Rider

Lot: 939

LANDSCAPE WITH FLOWERS 1986 Oil on Linen by Manor Shadian

Lot: 940

TWO HEARTS Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas by Tadeo Zavaleta

Lot: 941

EN JINETE DE LOS PECES Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas by Nelson Calderon

Lot: 942

Antique Persian Heriz Rug 5.5x3.2

Lot: 943

Indo Kazak Runner 8.1x2.10

Lot: 944

Silk Oriental Persian Rug 7.9x5.6

Lot: 945

Lot of Three Vintage Persian Brass Ewers

Lot: 946

COLLECTION DE MENIL Mourlot Estate Lithograph after Picasso

Lot: 947

NY LIVING ROOM Signed AP Edition Giclee on Canvas by Jozza

Lot: 948

BIBLIA SACRA 73 1969 Lithograph by Salvador Dali

Lot: 949

ROSE TURBAN C1979 Limited Edition Signed Lithograph by Erte

Lot: 950

Extremely Rare Persian Miniature Painting on Ivory Inlaid with Rubies, Emeralds, and Pearls
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